About Us

Polo international introduction

Polo international is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and exporter of finished leather and leather products like Grain Belt, Spilt Belts, Leather Bags, Belting Leather, and as well as Horse Accessories and Dog Accessories. All our products are manufactured with our high-quality leather which is Our Owned tannery finished and imported leather with selective measures in order to maintain the quality standards in the export markets. We always believe in strong and long-term business relationships by providing quality products timely delivery of goods. Optimum satisfaction through the use of our products & services is our ultimate goal.

The company is based in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh. Since the establishment of the firm in 1995, before we open a firm we would work to raw then we to manufacturing in exports. We have always wanted to develop our quality standards for the benefit of clients. Our Team is the experienced and devoted.

Our vision

We Focus on Value, Durability, and a Timeless Aesthetic.

Our goods are based in value-driven design and quality manufacturing. All of us make a statement every time we buy something. We vote with our wallets. It’s our belief that value is more than just saving a few bucks - true value lies at the intersection of something made well for a fair price, created in way that supports those who made it.

Our mission

We Create Thoughtful Products That Are Worth Holding Onto.

The products we use on a daily basis say something about the people we are. We believe many things in life get better with time; it is that spirit we try to infuse in everything we create. In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, we aim to go against that grain.

Behind the brand


Quality control and skilled labor and the management skills of employers with best current production techniques. We always use and adopt the latest procedure for production to get to achieve a quality product at the optimum price.

The company has a sizeable presence in the markets of Europe, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. 
our major product sells in German markets.

All our products are of high-quality genuine leather manufactured in our own tannery and some leathers are imported from the best tanning industries in the world.

Why us?

We have in this industry for more than 45 years, Our family has started with raw selection in their earlier days than in manufacturing of leather than in leather goods.
so we know how to make a better product with appropriate raw materials and skilled craftsmanship both.